After several years of thriving in Corporate America, God allowed Edrony to pursue his love for Real Estate. He became a Mortgage Loan officer with a main focus on helping families achieve the dream of homeownership. He helped them to develop sustainable financial profiles that would not only help them qualify for a home but live a life that is free of financial burdens. 


He soon realized that many had an opportunity to build wealth but didn’t know how. This led him to switch over to the investment side of real estate where he is still a mortgage loan officer and a realtor, helping current and future millionaires make the best decision when it comes to building wealth through real estate. His mission at Jelaine and Co. LLC is to help others gain access to their birthrights of property and land acquisition.

Meet Edrony

Meet Faith

Ever since Faith was a little girl, she always had a spirit of servitude. This led her to pursue a career in healthcare (because, of course, that’s the only field in which she could serve others). On her journey to fulfill the life that she had chosen for herself, she attended 6 colleges/universities. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with 1 degree in Public Health and soon after, entered the realm of Corporate America. 

There she served as an Operations Manager until she finally decided to live the life God had chosen for her and not the one she had chosen for herself. Faith had finally decided to accept her royal position in The Kingdom. As Chief Operations Officer of Jelaine and Co., her goal is to help others take their position too and live the life God has planned for them. She believes that we are all descendants of a Kingdom of wealth and that it is time for us to take our rightful positions. From one heir to another, welcome to the Royal Family!



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