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Get pumped! Our partnerships with top lenders nationwide mean you can get funding for any loan you need!


Maximize investments with our advisors, using unique partnerships for resilient strategies in any market!


Revolutionize your real estate investing beliefs with our instructors, offering transformative workshops and a 4-week course!



Embark on a journey of confidence with us, as we dispel fears of the unknown, lack of resources, and isolation. We pledge to align with your vision, meeting you at your current stage. We reject get-rich-quick schemes and false promises, focusing solely on time-tested strategies and concepts. Together, let’s build a solid foundation for your success in real estate investing.

Ready To Start Your Journey?

Whether you are an institutional investor or a first-timer, we carry an array of products that can be customized to fit your needs! From HELOC to Cash-out Refinance and New Construction, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today!



We help you to MAXIMIZE your income through Real Estate Investing. Our areas of specialty are catered to YOU and YOUR investment strategy. We service individuals, corporations their employees, and nonprofits! Explore the options below and find out why we are the #1 Proactive Real Estate Company!



We offer competitive, transparent pricing with flexible payment options to ensure that EVERYONE participates in our mission to level the playing field.

Comprehensive Consultation

  • Tailored support from your personal real estate advisor!
  • Solidifed Funding!
  • Identified below-market property that fits your investment strategy!
  • Researched income-potential to ensure you WIN!
  • Customized investment roadmap to leverage natural appreciation!

Bridging The Wealth-Gap Program

  • Understand the Real Estate Market and the most popular strategies to invest!
  • Understand what lenders look for in your credit profile so you’re never denied funding AGAIN!
  • Understand various loan types to properly assess which fits your strategy!
  • Understand the benefits in creating a business entity to protect you and your investments!
  • Understand how to take control of your personal finances through adequate budgeting!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I took the 4 week course and this class was amazing! The instructors knew exactly what they were talking about and everything was explained! Please take this course to gain more knowledge in the world of home investing.

Sierra T

Are very professional and helpful in any area that you need help in. I highly recommend them and I'm working with them for my house and future plans in Georgia. Great Team.

Matthew S

EXCELLENT!!! Helpful, Encouraging, Timely and Respectfully of your schedule. Jelaine and Co. will help you reach your financial goals. You can not go wrong with them.

Katura S

Honest opinion, this company has given me great understanding and knowledge in the real estate world 🌎.

Luchisha B

My experience with Jelaine and Co was awesome. The instructors were very professional and follow through with details was spot on.

Arnell L
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