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Our direct partnerships with premier lenders across the country grants you the ability to obtain funding for all loan types.


Our advisors have experience working directly with private and public institutions to bring you sustainable investment strategies regardless of how the market is performing.


Our instructors are gifted with the inevitability to reconstruct the belief system pertaining to real estate investing through workshops and our 4-week course.

Hear from our founders…

Our Commitment

As we embark on this journey together, we intend to quiet the fears of the unknown, the fear of lack of resources, and the fear that you’re in this alone. We commit to your vision and that means meeting you where you are. We do not offer a get-rich-quick scheme. We do not promise results nor do we sell you our “secrets” (because there are none). We only support strategies and concepts that have withstood the test of time. At the heart of Jelaine, is the little boy and little girl that has been afforded the opportunity to fulfill their purpose.


What we are known for

We help you to MAXIMIZE your income through Real Estate Investing. Our areas of specialty are catered to YOU and YOUR investment strategy. We service individuals, corporations and their employees, and nonprofits! Explore the options below and find out why we are the #1 Proactive Real Estate Company!


Whether you are a First-time Homebuyer or an Institutional Investor we offer customizable plans, relationships with lenders, and discounted property types.


Our Essential Workers put others first! We assist them by removing the worry and stress by helping them secure their retirement through passive income.


Your mission is our mission! We partner with non-profits to scale their housing efforts by educating the buyer on what to do after the first purchase.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

    Melissa H.
    Melissa H.

    Comprehensive Consultation

    I had an awesome experience. Everything was explained to the simplest of understanding. All of our questions were answered. They really had everything laid out and organized. I love this company. They’re really catering to our needs. I highly recommend.

      Carmilia P.
      Carmilia P.

      Simplified Investing Workshops

      I can honestly say this was truly an amazing experience. I am more motivated now than I was a few weeks ago about getting a home. But after speaking with the CEO Edrony and how he broke things down to us on everything made me realize that I am in the right place and course to be this close to getting our home. I look forward to the next steps. Thank you Jelaineandco!

        Matthew S.
        Matthew S.

        Corporate Account

        Are very professional and helpful in any area that you need help in. I highly recommend them and I’m working with them for my house and future plans in Georgia. Great team.

          Jacara O.
          Jacara O.

          Bridging The Wealth-Gap Program

          They are the best at what they do. I love the fact that they make me feel welcomed and appreciated. Their work ethic and incredible knowledge is what will make me a life long client. Jelaine and Co is the place to go!!

            Shimica C.
            Shimica C.

            Funding Service

            Edrony and Faith operate in the spirit of excellence. They made me feel like nothing is impossible. I can’t wait to see what the future brings working them.

            Ready To Start Your Journey?

            Whether you are an institutional investor or a first timer, we carry an array of products that can be customized to fit your needs! From Down Payment Assistance to HELOC to Cash-out Refinance and New Construction, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today!